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LaRita Heet

Freelance Writer and Editor


LaRita Heet possesses the experience, versatility, and skill you require to:

As a copywriter . . .

LaRita maintained her own column for Credit Union BUSINESS magazine for five years and has authored newsletters, press releases, websites, and internal communications for numerous non-profit and for-profit businesses, including Girl Power Events, Provincetown for Women,, and The Travel Den.

As a journalist . . .

LaRita has written more than 1,500 articles for print and online publications, including Yahoo! Finance,,,, Credit Union BUSINESS Magazine, High Performance Human, Achieve Magazine, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Real Estate Educatorsí Association Journal, and Small Business Monthly.

As a curriculum developer . . .

LaRita has written and edited more than 100 state-approved online training courses in the fields of insurance, real estate, securities, real estate appraisal, and more.

As an editor . . .

LaRita acted as editor or managing editor for such publications as St. Louis Parent, Jane and Jane, and Credit Union BUSINESS Magazine.

As a professional . . .

LaRita meets deadlines, gracefully responds to constructive feedback, and is committed to delivering quality work that exceeds her clients' expectations.

LaRita Heet
St. Louis, Missouri

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